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Architectural & Historic Treasures of Washington County
375 pages of history
64 pages of color photos
Over 500 photographs
Many historic pictures
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And much more!

Architectural & Historic Treasures of Washington County, Maryland

Our historic guide to Washington County, Maryland is a great resource for learning about the early architecture of the county's buildings, homes and structures plus all of the people who give the county it's rich history. Some are are famous and some may be your ancestors.



A Place Apart
A Rebel of '61
Abraham, Austin
Abraham, Ida Jeanne
Abraham, Stuart
Adam, Robert
Adam style
Addition to Catharines Part
Addition to the Mill
Addition to Three Springs
Agricultural Industry of Maryland,
Albert M. Powell Fish Hatchery
Alexander (slave)
Alexandria, Virginia
All Saints Parish
Allegheny Mountains
Allegheny Power
Alternate Route
American Company
  American Hotel
American Truck Historical Society
Amon, John
Amsley, Carolyn
Anderson, Cheryl
Anderson, Della Kendle
Anderson, Jeremiah
Anderson, Osborne
Anderson, Rebecca Maria
Anderson, Richard
Andrews, Ben
Andrews, E. T.
Andrews, Ronald
Angela Kirkham Davis House
Anikis, Anne
Anikis, George
Ankeney, Jacob
Annapolis, Maryland
Antietam Canal
Antietam Canal Company
Antietam Creek
Antietam Drive, Hagerstown
Antietam Forge

  Antietam Furnace
Antietam Hall
Antietam Hotel
Antietam Iron Works
Antietam Loan
Antietam National Battlefield
Antietam Street, Hagerstown
Antietam Woollen Mill
Armsbarger, Christopher
Army of Northern Virginia
Arnold, Henry
Art Deco
Arthur, President
Artz, Frank
Artz, Sally
Asbury, Francis
Asbury United Methodist Church
Ashton Hall
Atomic Energy Commission
Attorney General of Maryland
Avey, Joseph


B&O Railroad
B&O Railroad china
Bachtel, Martin
Bachtel, Richard
Bachtel, Samuel
Bachtell, George
Baer, Adam
Baer, Amos C.
Baer, Hazel E.
Baer, Nancy
Baer, William
Baker, Andrew
Baker, J. D.
Baker, Linda
Bakersville, Maryland
Bakker, G.
Bald Barrons
Baldwin, Christopher Columbus
Baldwin, Sallie Roman
Ball & Ball Company
Ball Barren
Baltimore County, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore Medical College
Baltimore Street, Funkstown
Baltimore Street, Hagerstown
Baltimore Sun
Band Building, Clear Spring
Bank Road
Banks, Jesse D.
Banks, William H.
Baptist Church on Tonoloway Creek
Bard, Nicholas
Barn at Blackrock, The
Barnes, Abraham
Barnes, Richard
Barnet, Mary Jane
Barnet, Washington
Barnett, B. Lee
Barnett, Caroline F.
Barnett's Mill
Barr, Christian
Barr, Christina
Barr, David
Barren Hill
Barrens Chase
  Barrens, The
Bartlett, Richard
Barton, Clara
Bast, Douglas
Batavia, New York
Batey, Gary
Battle of Antietam
Battle of Bladensburg
Battle of Monmouth
Baughman, Anna
Bay City, Michigan
Beachley, Louise
Beall, Samuel III
Beall, Samuel, Jr.
Beall, Virginia
Bealls Fort
Beall's Neglect
Bear, Charles H.
Bear, Jacob
Bear, John
Beard, John
Beard, Jon
Beard, Peter
Beard, Philip
Beard, Susan
Beard's Church
Beard's Lutheran Church
Beatty, Elie
Beaughley, Martin
Beaux Arts
Beaver Creek
Beaver Creek Christian Church
Beaver Creek Church Road
Beaver Creek House
Beaver Creek Resource Center
Beaver Creek Road
Beck, David
Beck, Philip
Beck Road
Beckenbaugh, Nannie
Becker, Carol
Beckley, Mildred R.
Beckley, Roger D.
Bedessem, Anne
Bedessem, Nick
Beechly, Martin
beehive oven
Beeler, David
  Beeler, John
Belgian horses
Bell, Frederick
Bell, Henry
Bell, Herbert C.
Bell, Mary Zeigler
Bell, Nellie
Bell, Peter
Bell, Susan
Bell, William D.
Bell-Andrews, Karen
Ben (slave)
Benevola Church Road
Benjamin (slave)
Bennett Homes
Bennett Pipeless Furnace
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Bester, Mary Elizabeth
Better-Built Company
Betzhoven, Elizabeth
Bierly, William
Big Antietam
Big Book of Step by Step Painting
Big George, (slave)
Big Pool Road
Big Spring
Big Spring Road
Big Spring, The
Bishop, Dr.
Bishop's Lane
Black, Doug
Black, Mary Frances
Black Oak Ridge
Black Rock Golf Course
Blackford, Franklin
Blackford, Helena
Blackford, John
Blackford, Sarah
blacksmith shop
Bladensburg Racers
Blair's Valley Lake
Bloody Lane
Bloyer, Viola
Bloyer, William
Blue Heron Lane
Blue Mountain Peach Company
Blue Ridge Summit


Boone, George
Boone, William
Boonesborough, Maryland
Boons Berry Town
Boonsboro, Maryland
Boonsboro cemetery
Boonsboro Historical Society
Boonsboro Pike
Boonsboro Pottery
Boonsborough Museum of History
Booth, Bartholomew
Booth, Drusilla
Booth, John
Borestler, Dr.Christian
Borestler's millrace
Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
Boteler, Alexander
Boteler, Charles
Boteler, Henry
Boteler, Henry III
Boteler, Nellie
Boteler, Nettie
Boteler Road
Boteler, Thomas
Boteler's Ramble
Bouquet, Colonel Henry
Bourbon County, Kentucky
Boutelle, Richard
Boutelle, Vera Ward
Bowles Aqueduct
Bovey, Luther M.
Bovey, William
Boward, Annie
Boward, Donald
Boward, George
Boward, Kay
Bowers, Ron
Bowie Road
Bowman, Amos
Bowman Board
Bowman Fund
Bowman, George
Bowman, Gladys
Bowman, Harold
Bowman House
Bowman, Jacob
Bowman, John
Bowman, John Eavey
  Bowman, Simon
Bowman, ToddBowman, Tracey
Bowman's Mill Road
Boyd, Dan
Boyd, Sam
Boyer, H.H.
Bradbury Avenue
Braddock, General
Braddock's army
Bragunier, Charlene
Bragunier, Donald
Brand, Samuel
Brandenburg, Hal
Brandenburg, Lorrie
Braskey, John
Brennecke, Barbara
Brennecke, Lucas
Brennen, Lyle
Brethren Church
Brezler, Cindy Motz
Brezler, Ronald
Bridges, David
Bridges, Henry
Brightman, Donna
Brinser, Don
Brisco, Abram
Brisco, George
Briscoe, Julia Hamilton
British Army
Broadfording Road
Broadway School
Broadway Street
Brother's Request
Brown, Annie
Brown, Cornelius
Brown, Dorothy M.
Brown, George
Brown, George T.
Brown, John
Brown, Martha
Brown, Natalie
Brown, Oliver
Brown, Owen
Brown, Rudolph
Brown, Sarah Ellen
Brown, Tobias
Brown University
  Brown, Watson
Browning, Jean
Browning, Warren
Browning, Warwick
Brownsville, Maryland  
Brownsville Pass
Bruchey, Eleanor
Bruckschs family
Brumbach, David
Brumbaugh, David
Brunswick, Maryland 
Buchanan, Harriet
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, Judge John
Buchanan, Judge Thomas
Buchanan, Thomas
Buck, John M.
Buckingham slate
Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Buford, Brigadier General John
Bureau of Public Works
Burger family
Burger, John Wayne
Burger, Lovey
Burger, Ray
Burger, Samuel
Burkett's Lot
Burkhart, Christopher
Burtner, Cindy
Burtner Farm
Burtner, Howard W.
Burtner, John
Burtner, Louise
Burtner, R. Louise
Burtner, Roger
Burtner, Rosemary
Burtner, Sylvia
Burton, George
Butler (slave)
Button, Ed
Byers, Betty
Byers, Joseph
Byers, Laura
Byers, Ralph
Byers, Roy
Byron, Lynne
Byron Park


C&O Canal
C&O Canal National Historical Park
cabbin roof
Calimer, Joanna
Calimer, William
Callas, Bill
Callas, George
Callas, Greg
Callas, Marie
Callas, Mike
Callas, Pete
Calvert, Charles
Calvert County, Maryland
Calvert family
Calvert Prize
Calvin, John
Camp Cleveland
Camp David
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Dr. Edgar Thrall
Campbell, Dr.Robert
Campbell, Dr. William D.
Campbell, Marjorie
Campbell, Thomas
cantilevered forebays
cantilevered hip roof
cantilevered overhang
cantilevered roof
cantilevered staircase
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Carmen, Ezra
Carmen-Cope maps
Carpenter Company
Carroll, Charles
Carroll County, Maryland
Carroll, Dr. Charles
Carver, Abraham
Castle Acre Priory
Castle, Cornelion W.
Castle, John E. M.
Cavetown, Maryland
Cavetown Church Road
Cearfoss, Maryland
Cecil, Harvey
Cedar Grove
Celia (slave)
cement mill
Center Street, Boonsboro
Central Trust Company
Chambers, Roland
Chance Regained
Chancery Court
Chaney, Edward
Chaney, Elias
Chaney House
Chaney, Joseph
Chaney, Joseph Penn
Chaney, Sarah
Chapin, Andrea
Chapin, Ralph
Chapin, Ryan
Chapin, Wendy
Chapline family
Chapline, Jane
Chapline, Jeremiah
Chapline, Joseph
Chapline, Joseph, Jr.
Chapline, Mary Ann
  Christian Abigail Ferguson
Chapline, Sarah
Chapline Street, Sharpsburg
  Charles (slave)
Charles County, Maryland
Charles Mill
Chestnut Grove Road
Chestnut Street
Chew, Samuel, Jr.
Chew's Farm
Chewsville, Maryland
Chewsville Community Center
Chewsville Road
Chief Justice
Chief of the Delaware Indians
Chonogoruton (Potomac) River
Christensen, Sue
Christian Church
Christian Newcomer House
Church Street, Hagerstown
Church Street, Hancock
Church Street, Leitersburg
Church Street, Sharpsburg
Circule, George
Civil War
Civil War Museum
Clagett, Ann
Clagett, Dr. Zachariah
Clagett family
Clagett, John
Clagett, Posthumous
Clagett, Robert
Clagett, Samuel
Clagett's Mill
Claggett Hall
Clark, Jane E.
Clark, Sam
Clark, Sophia
Clark, William Beverley
Classic Place
Clay, Henry
Clay, Lucretia
Clear Spring, Maryland
Clear Spring Band
Clear Spring District Historical Association
Clear Spring Mechanics' Loan
   and Savings Bank
Clear Spring Road
Cleveland, President Grover
Clipp House
Clipp, William H.
clock, Waltz
Clopper, Elizabeth
Clopper, J. Allen
Cloverly Farm Lane
Coblers Hall
Cochran, J. Edward & Co.
Coffman Farm Road
Coffman, Henry
Coffman, James
Cohill, Adele
Cohill, Andrew
Cohill, E. P.
Cohill, Helen Morgan
Cohill, Leo
Cohill, Leo A.
Cohill, Marie Louise
Cohill, Rinehart
Cohill Road
Cohill, Thomas
College of William and Mary
College Road
Colonial Revival
Colson, John
  Colson, Karen
Columbia Exposition
Committee of Safety
common bond
Conegocheig Manor
Conegocheige Manor
Conestoga wagon
Confederate Army
Confederate Medical Corps
Conococheague Creek
Conococheague Manor
Conococheague Manor Reserve
  Number Five
Conococheague Manor Reserve One
Conococheague Street, Williamsport
Conservation Reserve Enhancement
Constitutional Convention
Continental Army
Continental Congress
Conway, Martin
Cook, George
Cook, J. W. and Brother
Cook, Ross
Cooper, Bernie
Cooper's Shed, The
Cope, Lieutenant Colonel E. B.
Cordell, Bud
Cordell, Margie
Corinthian column
Corn and Flour Exchange
Cost, John L.
Cost, Samuel
Cost, Samuel W.
Cottingham, David T.
Country Garden
Country Home
Cox, Anne
Cox, Paul
Craftsman style
Cramer, James
Crampton, Thomas H.
Crampton's Gap
Cresap, Colonel Thomas
Criswell's House & Broom
Crocetta, Joe
Crocket Hook
Crooks, James B.
Crosby, Dennis
Crosby, Diana
cross and bible doors
Crow, Benjamin L.
Crown Stone
Crumbach, Conrad
Crussingers, Cathrina
Culpeper, Virginia
Cultural Resources Management
Cumberland, Maryland
Cumberland Street, Clear Spring
Cumberland Valley
Cumberland Valley Railroad
Curlin, Leonard
Curzon, Lord George
Curzon, Mary Leiter
Cushwa family
Cushwa, Hilda
Cushwa, Kurt


Dagmar Hotel
Dahlstrom, Lona
Dahlstrom, Wayne
Daily Mail
Dall, Colonel John R.
Dam # Road
Daniel (slave)
Daniel's Luck
David's Friendship
Davis, Amos
Davis, Angela Kirkham
Davis, Cyrus F.
Davis, Dr. S. S.
Davis, J. W.
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Joseph Francis
Davis, Margaret A.
Davis Renn
Davis, Susan
Davis, William Junior
Day, Donald
Day, Shirley
Deaner, Jonas S.
Deaner, Samuel
DeChiaro-Rachuba Group
Declaration of Independence
Deener, Yost
Delauder, Ralph
Delaware Water Gap
Delft tiles
Della Robbia
Dellinger Road
Denoon, James
dentil molding
  Detrick, Samuel
Dickinson College
Diffendall Family
Diller, Samuel
Diocesan Convention
Disciples of Christ
Distinctive Wood Designs
District of Columbia .
Ditto & Reichard
Ditto, Dr. Edward W., Jr.
Ditto, Edward
Divelbiss, Lolita
Divelbiss, Raymond
Divelbiss, Raymond Jr.
Divine Light Center
Dodge, Francis
Dodge, William
Doering, Alvin C.
Dog Creek
Dogstreet Farm
Dogstreet Road
Donnelly, Adele
Donnelly, Ralph
Dorfman Museum Figures
Dorfman, Robert
Doric column
Dorrey, Matilda
Doub, Albert
Doub, Elizabeth
Doub family
Doub Family Partnership
Doub Farms
Doub, FrankL.
Doub, Frisby
Doub, Ira
Doub, John
Doub, John,Sr.
Doub, Mr and Mrs. William
  Doub, Samuel
Doub, William O.
Doub's Mill
Doub's Mill Historic District
Douglas Guards
Douglas, Helena
Douglas, Henry Kyd
Douglas, Reverend Robert
Douglas, William
Dovenberger, Mary
Dovenberger, William
Downing, Esther
Downing, Robert
Downs, Alliene Seibert
Downs, Charles
Downs Family
Downsville Pike
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Dr. Gaine's Mansion
Dr. Smith's House
Dr. Wilcox
Dr.'s Quarters, West Washington
Dry Spring Farm
Dual Highway
Dudwiler, Henry
Dugan, Ric
Dulaney, Daniel
Dull, Glenn
Duncan, Alice
Dunker Church
Dunkle, Jacob
Dunn, James
Dunn, Joyce
Dye, Lizzie
Dyer, Gil
Dyer, Michele


Eagle Improved Lock
East Avenue, Hagerstown
Easter, Adam
Eastlake style
Eckard, Mike
Economic Development, Social and
  Cultural Changes
Edgemont Road
Edgewood Drive
Edmund (slave)
Eichberg family
Eichelberger, Edward J.
Eisenhower, President
Eldridge, Rusell
Eleven Springs
  Elisha (slave)
Elizabeth Street, Hagerstown
Elizabeth Town
Elk Ridge
Ellicott City, Maryland
Elliott, Merle
Ellsworth, Colonel Elmer
Elmwood Farm
Elysian Fields
Embrey, Charles
Embrey, Sarah
Embrey, Theodore
Emmert, Elizabeth Hershey
Emmert, Joseph
Encyclopedia of American Biography
  End of Strife
English Adam style
Engstrom, Carol
Era of the Revolution, The
Establishment, The
Evans, Oliver
Evans, Rear Admiral Robley
Eveline (servant)
Everett, Sterling
Eye Trap
Eyerly, Albert
Eyerly, Elizabeth
Ezekiel's Inheritance


Fairchild Aircraft
Fairview Mountain
Fallen, Redmond
Falling Waters Road
Fant, Ruff
Fant, Susan
Fechtig, Christian
Federal Revival
Federal style
Feidt home
Felfoot Enlarged
Felfoot Farm
Fell Foot
Ferguson, Mary Ann Christian Abigail
Fernsler, Michael
Ferrino, Robert
Ferry Hill
Ferry Hill Plantation Journal
Field, Marshall
Fiery, Daniel
Fiery, Joseph
Fiery, Mary Catharine
Fiery, Mary Eve
Fiery, William
Fiery's Inheritance
Figely, William
Findley, Sophia Van Lear
Finnin, Kevin
First Fire Zouaves of New York
First German Reformed Church
  of Elizabeth Town
First Hagerstown Hose Company
First National Bank of Hagerstown
First National Bank of Maryland
Fishack, Frederic
Fitzhugh, Elizabeth
Fitzhugh family
Fitzhugh, Perigrine
  Fitzhugh, William
Fitzhugh, William, Jr.
Fitzsimmons, Barbara
Fitzsimmons, Brendan
Flaggy Meadows
Fleming, Clorinda Chaney
Fleming, Edward E.
Flemish bond
Flint, Joseph
Flint's Chance
Flook, Austin
Flook, JoAnn
Flook, John Jacob Harlan
Flook, Martin Luther
Flory, Christopher
flounder house
flour mill
Foltz, Henry
Ford, Terry
Forsythe, Christine
Forsythe, Michael
Fort Cumberland
Fort Frederick
Fort Pitt
Fort Valley, Georgia
Fort Washington
Fortes, Gregory
Forward Club, The
Foultz House
Foultz, John
Fountain Rock
Fox, William Lloyd
France, Patricia
Francis (slave)
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
  Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Franklin Street, Hagerstown
Franzen, A. W.
Frederick County, Maryland
Frederick County Circuit Court
Frederick, Maryland
Frederick Street, Hagerstown
Free Schools
French and Indian War
French, George
French, Jacob
Friend, Israel
Friends of the Jonathan Hager
Friendship Technology Park
Fry Map,
Frye, Dennis
Frye, John
Frye, Susan Winter
Fulton County, Pennsylvania
Funck, Barbara
Funck, Henry
Funck, Jacob
Funck, John
Funck, Joseph
Funk, Catherine Newcomer
Funk, David
Funk Family
Funk, Henry
Funk, Jacob J.
Funk, John
Funk, Joseph
Funk, Kieffer
Funk, Maud Wolf
Funk, Mildred
Funkhouser, Victor G.
Funkhouser, Zora L.
Funkstown, Maryland
Funkstown Mill


Gaines, Dr. John M.
Gaines, Susan Rench
Gans, Anne
Gans, Emmett
Garazo, Amy-Beth
Garazo, Henry
Garden of Eden
Gardner, Charles
Gardner, Mabelle
Garfield, President
Garmong, Ordway
Garmong's Grocery
Garrett's Mill
Garretts Mill Road
Garrott, Edward
Garrott family
Garrott's Mill
Gaudy Dutch pottery
Geeting, Elizabeth
Geeting, George
Geeting, George Adam
Geeting, Jacob
Geeting Road
Geeting, Will
Gehr, Joseph
Geiser, Emma
Geller, David
Genessee River Valley
George (slave)
George Adam Geeting House
George, The
George's Lot
George's Venture
Georgetown, Maryland
Gerber, Abraham
German Baptist Brethren Church
German Methodist Church
  German Palatinate
German pointing
German Reformed Church
German siding
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Gibney, David
Gilbert, Jacob
Gilbert, Kevin G.
Gilliland, Hugh
Gilliland, James
Gillilands Mill
Girl Scouts
Gladhill family
Gladhill, Mark Alan
Gleanings, The
Glendale Farm
Godfrey, Arthur
Goldstein, Louis
Good (land tract)
Good, Christian
Good, Jacob
Good, John
good morning landing
Good-Hartle Farm
Good's Choice
Gordon, Timothy
Gordons Purchase
Gothic Revival
Graff, Elizabeth
Graham, Greta
Graham, Kenneth
grain production
Great Depression
Great Falls
Great North Bend
Great Waggon Road
Greek Revival
Green, Shields
Greencastle, Pennsylvania
Greystone Farm
Greystone Manor
Grim, Mrs. John
Grim, Reverend John
Grimm, JoAnne
Grimm, Larry
Groh, Barbara
Groh, Katharine
Groh, Vincent
Gross, Terry
Grove, James
Grove, James M.
Grove, Martha S.
Grove, Matthew
Grove, Phillip
Grumbaugh, John
Guding, George Adam
Guessford, Vernon
Guild, Everett
Guild, Kay
Guilford Avenue
Gunnell, Albert
Gunnell, Fred
Gunston Hall
Guptill, Watson


H. Belfield Co. of Philadelphia
Habitat for Humanity
Hager House
Hager, Jonathan
Hager, William
Hager's Delight
Hager's Fancy
Hager's Town Charity School
Hager's Town Female Society
Hagerstown Bank
Hagerstown City Park
Hagerstown City Planning
Hagerstown Globe
Hagerstown High School
Hagerstown Speedway
Hagerstown-Washington County
  Industrial Foundation
Hagerstown's National Register
  Historic District
Haines farm
Haje, Karen
Haje, Naseem
Haje, Nelson, Jr.
Hale, Michael
Haley, Thomas M.
Haley's Mill
Hall, John
Hall, Thomas
Hall, Thomas B.
Hamill, W. S.
Hamilton, Clara
Hamilton Hotel
Hamilton, Julia H.
Hamilton, Nancy
Hamilton, Richard
Hamilton Row
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William T.
Hammett, David
Hammond, Catherine
Hammond, Martin
Hammond, Mary
Hammond, Michael
Hammond, Nicholas
Hancock, Maryland
Hancock Historical Museum
Hancock Historical Society
Hancock, Joseph
Hankey Ice Cream
Hankey, James
Hanna, George
Hanna, Rebecca
Hanover (land tract)
Hansen, Dr. Darcy
Hanson, Frederick Banfield
Harbine, Daniel
Harbine, Peter
Harper's Ferry
Harper's Ferry National Monument
Harrison (slave)
Harrison, President Benjamin
Harrison, President William Henry
Harristown, Pennsylvania
Harry, George
Harry, John
Harry, Silas
Hart, Catherine
Hart, Eliza
  Hart, Lucretia
Hart, Thomas
Hartle family
Hartle, George
Hartle, John
Hawken, Christian
Hawken House
Hawken, J. Albert
Hawken, Jacob
Hawken, James
Hawken, Mary S.
Hawken, Nicholas
Hawken, Richard
Hawken, Robert
Hawken, Ruth
Hawken, Samuel
Hayman, Margretta
Hays and Company
Hays, Dr. J. J.
Hedrick, Jacob
Heidi Clothing
Heimel, Justun
Heimer, Glenn
Heimer, Midge
Hein, Klaus
Heist, Lewis
Heister, General Daniel
Helfrick, Dennis
Helser family
Henry, J.Maurice
Henry, Rick
Henry's Last Shift
Hensel, Mr.
Herald of Freedom
Hercules Heater
Herman, Dr. H. C.
Hershey, Barbara
Hershey, Isaac
Hershey, Jane
Hershey, Katie
Hershey, Todd
Hershey, Todd Lakin
Hess, Jacob
Hess's Mill
Hester (slave)
Heyser, Captain William
Heywood and Wakefield
High Street, Funkstown  
High Street, Hancock  
Hill, Robert Lee
Hillery (slave)
Hills and Dales
Hirsh, Courtney
History and Biographical Record of
  Washington County
History of Leitersburg District
History of the Brethren Church in
History of Washington County,
History of Western Maryland
Hite, Dennis
Hite, Wendy
Hitt Bridge
Hitt, Samuel
Hitt, SamuelMerritt
Hitt-Cost House
Hive, The
Hogg, John
Hogmire, Colonel Conrad
Hogmire, Samuel
  Holliday, R. T.
Hollingsworth, Jacob
Hollyday, Louisa
Hollyday, Nancy
Hollyday, William
Honodel, Jacob
Hooker, General
Hoover, Jacob
Hoover, Peter
Hope, Yvonne
Hopscotch Lane
Horine, Samuel
Horn, George
Horst, Fanny
Horst, Frances
Horst, John
Horst, Lesher
Horst, Lewis
Horst, Lydia
Horst, Samuel
Hospital Association
Hotel Hamilton
Houpt, Clifford
House of Delegates
Housing and Community
Howell, Clara Stonebraker
Huckleberry Hall
Hudson House Galleries
Hughes, Ann
Hughes, Barnabas
Hughes, Daniel
Hughes family
Hughes Furnace
Hughes Iron Works
Hughes, Samuel
Hughes, Susan
Hull family
Hull, John
Humphrey, Jeannine
Humphrey, Pete
Humrichouse, Charles
Humrichouse, Charles W.
Humrichouse, Elizabeth
Humrichouse family
Humrichouse, Harry
Humrichouse, Sarah
Hunsberger, Bill
Hunsberger, Sylvia
Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
Hurley, James I.
Hurley, Joseph J.
Hurricane Agnes
Huyett family
Huyett, D. G.
Huyett, D. Gaither
Huyett, Daniel
Huyett, Edward Ingram
Huyett, Jacob
Huyett, John
Huyett, Louisa Darby
Huyett, Ludwick
Huyett, Mamie
Huyett, Martha A.
Huyett's Meadows
Huyler, Coulter
Huyler-Baker, Anne
Hynes, Bruce
Hynes, Emily
Hynes, Kathleen
Hynes, Mary


I Rode With Stonewall
ice house
Illustrated Atlas of Washington
  County, Maryland
Indian encampments
Indian fighter
Indian Lane
Indian trade Indian trader
  Indian trail
Industrialization of Maryland, The
Ingram, Edward
Ingram, Martha
Ingram's Mill
Inter-American Defense Board
International Order of the Odd
  International trucks
Irwin, Mary
Isaac Walton League
Israel Creek
Itnyre, Ed
Itnyre, Lena
Izer, Sandra


jack arch
Jackson, President Andrew
Jackson, William Henry
Jacob Good
Jacob Hess House
Jacob's Church
Jacob's Ladder
Jacques, Brian
Jacques, Denton
Jacques, Lancelot, Sr.
Jacques Lane
Jacques, Marguerite
Jardinier, John
Jardinier, Lucille
Jefferson Boulevard
  Jefferson, Maryland
Jerry (slave)
Jerusalem (Town)
jib window
Joachim, Elizabeth
Joachim, James
Joachim, William
Joe's Lott
John (slave)
John Brown Historical Foundation
John Brown Museum
John Hogg's House
John Wesley United Methodist
Johnson, Annie
  Johnson, Dean
Johnson family
Johnson, John W.
Johnson, Stillwell
Johnson, Tobias
Johnson's Bend
Johnson's Island
Jonathan Street, Hagerstown
Jones Delight
Jones, Jerry
Jordan, John Morton
Judge of the Fifth Circuit
Jupe (slave)
Jupiter (slave)
Justice of the Peace


Kammerer House
Kammerer, Ludwig
Karn, Terry
Karn, Tiffany
Karn, Traci
Karn, Vicki
Karras, George
Kauffman, William
Kay, Mary Shaw
Kaylor, Charles
Kaylor, Zeta
Kee Mar College
Keedy, Henry
Keedy-Machat Farm
Keedysville, Maryland
Keedysville Road
Keefauver, Barbara
Keefauver, John
Keefauver, Mariah
Keefauver, Ruanna
Keefer family
Keefhawber, Barbara
Keep Trieste
Kef-Poff Farm
Kefauver, Erma Poffenberger
Kefauver, Millard, Jr.
Kefauver, Nancy
  Keller, Charles
Keller, Eliza
Keller, Roger
Keller's Discovery
Kelly, Alice
Kelly, Brendan
Kelly, Dennis
Kelly, Erin
Kelly, Samuel
Kelly, Shawn
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly's Delight
Kelly's Purchase
Kendle, Ida C.
Kendle, John M.
Kendle Road
Kendle, Roy
Kenly, Anna
Kenly, Anna T.
Kenly, Davies L.
Kenly, Major General J. R.
Kennedy, Dr.
Kennedy, Dr. R. F.
Kennedy Farm, The
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, John W.
Kennedy, Thomas
Kent County, Maryland
Kepler, Atlee
  Kershner, Jonathan
Kershner, Millard
Kershner, Susan
Kershner, Susie
Keshishian, Harold
Kieffer Funk Road
Kimmel, Ross
King Cole
Kirkham, Angela
Kirkham, Charles H.
Kirkpatrick, James
Kirkpatrick's Tavern
Kittle, James
Kitty (slave)
Klinkhart, A. J.
Knabe Company of Baltimore
Kneisley, Daisy
Kneisley, Dr.
Kneisley, Herbert L.
Knight, Edward
Knight, Patricia
Knode, Elizabeth
Koehler, Frederick
Koll, Jack
Kotzebue, Alaska
Kramer, James
Kreps, Elizabeth
Kreps, Jacob
Kreps, John
Kreps, Rudolph


Lads & Lassies
Lakin, Abraham
Lakin Avenue, Boonsboro
Lakin, Eleanor
Lakin House
Lakin Avenue
Lakin, Marie
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Land of Promise
Landis Road
Lane, Charles G.
Lane, Elise Loose
Lane, Jacques
Lantz, Christian
Lantz, George
Lantz-Ziegler Farm
Lappans Crossroads
Larsen, Dr. Clarence E.
Latrobe, Benjamin H.
Latrobe County, Pennsylvania
Laurel Street
Lavenant-Wink, Amelie
Lavinia (slave)
Lawrence County, New York
Lawrence, Elizabeth Hager
Lawver, Mary
Leary, Edward
Leathers Road
Ledy, Anna Barbara
Ledy, David
Ledy family
Ledy, Susan
Lee, General Robert E.
Lehman, Christian
Lehman, Daniel R.
Lehman, Henry F.
Lehman, Jacob
Lehman's Mill District
  Lehman's Mill Farm House
Lehman's Mill Historic District
Lehman's Mill Road
Lehman's Mill Run
Leiter, Andrew
Leiter House
Leiter, Jacob
Leiter, Joseph
Leiter, Levi Ziegler
Leiter, Mary
Leiter, Peter
Leiter Street, Leitersburg
Leitersburg Fire Department
Leitersburg Parish
Leitersburg Pike
Leitersburg-Smithsburg Road
Lenny, Carolyn
Lenny, Terry
Leonard, Guilaine
Leonard, Meryl
Leonard, Steve
Levy Court
Lexington, Kentucky
Lichfield Cathedral
lime kiln
Limestone Hill
Lincoln, President Abraham
Linden Hall
Line, Clara F.
Line, Henry
Littell, E. T.
Little Antietam Creek
Little Antietam Road
Lloyd (slave)
Lloyd family
Lloyd, Philemon
Loch Lomond, Scotland
  Locher, Charles
Locust Bottom
Locust Spring
Locust Street
Locust Thickett
Long, Benjamin
Long, David
Long, Elyet C.
Long, J. Alvey
Long, Jody
Long, Joseph
Long Meadow
Long, Nathaniel
Long, Nicholas
Long Sought Tavern
Long, Susan
Longmire, Becky
Longmire, John
Longstreet, General James
Loose, Joseph B.
Loose, Mrs.
Loose, Samuel B.
Lord Baltimore
Lord Baltimore's Barrens
Louisa (slave)
Lowe, George
Lower House of Assembly
Lowman, George
Lowry, Dean
Luke, Evelyn
Luke, Gifford
Lung, John W.
Lydia Pinkhams Compound
Lynn, South
Lynn, Sprigg
Lyon, Tunis
Lytton, Nellie


Mace, Jacob
Mace, Sarah
MacGill, Dr.William
Madison Street, Hagerstown
Magnolia Plantation
Maharay, Arthur
Maharay, Bill
Maharay, George
Maiden's Choice
Mail Pouch tobacco
Main Street, Boonsboro
Main Street, Hancock
Main Street, Keedysville
Main Street, Sharpsburg
Manor Church of the Brethren
Manor Church Road
Manor Cross Roads
mansard roof
Mansfield, General J. K. F.
Manuel, Andrew
Manuel, Jack
Manuel, James Cohill
Manuel, Jennifer
Manuel, Katie Slick
Manuel, Nancy Cohill
Manuel, Thomas Cohill
Maple Avenue
Maples Fruit Farm
Maples on Oswald Lane
Maples, The
Mapleville, Maryland
Mapleville Road
Marble Quarry Road
Maria (slave)
Marquez, Alice Cohill
Marsden, Bruce
Marsden, Madelyn
Marsden, Mindy
Marsh Church
Marsh Head
Marsh Mill
Marsh Pike
Marsh Run
Marshall, Chief Justice John
Marshall House Hotel
Martha (slave)
Martin, Ida J.
Martin, Irvin S.
Martin, Michael
Martin, Orville
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Martz, Bertie
Martz, Bunt
Martz family
Martz, Golda
Martz, Merle
Mary (slave)
Mary Curzon
Maryland Between the Wars
Maryland College of Pharmacy
Maryland Department of Natural
Maryland Environmental Trust
Maryland Herald Hagers-Town Weekly Advertiser
Maryland Historic Site Survey
Maryland Historical Society
Maryland Historical Trust
Maryland House and Garden
Maryland Militia
Maryland Progressivism
Maryland Rehabilitation Tax Credits
Mason, Abraham Barnes Thomson
Mason, George
Mason, John Thomson
Mason Report
Mason-Dixon Line
  Mason-Dixon Line marker
Matilda (slave)
Matson, Eric
Matson, Karen
Matson, Larry
Maugansville, Maryland
Maugansville Road
Mayer, Jacob
Mayer, Mary Shenk
Mayville, New York
McAtee, William B.
McAttee, William
McCauley, Henry
McCauley, Samuel
McCleaf, Tom
McCleary, Beverly
McClellan, General
McClellan's Own Story
McClure, Charles
McClure, Sandra
McComas, Frederick C.
McDaniel, Major
McDowell, Elijah
McDowell, Wm. M.
McFarland, Laurel
McGarry, Dr. Eugenia
McGee, Terry
McKaig, Frisby Tilghman
McKaig, General Thomas Jefferson
McKaig Journal
McKaig, Thomas
McKaig, Thomas T.
McKee Street
McKee, William C.
McKenzie family
McKinley, President
McLean, Judith
McLean, Mark
McMahon, Bill
Meade, General
Meagher, Richard T.
Mellon Foundation of Pittsburgh
Mellott, Dolores
Mellott, Donald
Mellott family
Memorial Drive, Hagerstown
Mennonite Historical Association
Mentzer, Daniel
Mercer, Dr. Henry Chapman
Mercer tiles
Mercer-Staten, Reverend Yvonne
Merchant, David
merchant mill
Merrick, Sophia B.
Merrick, Sophia Pottenger Chapline
Mershacks Garden
Messner, George
Messner, Victoria
Methodist Baltimore Conference
Methodist Episcopal Church
Middleburg/Mason Dixon Line
  Historical Society
Middlekauff, Aaron
Middlekauff, Daniel
Middlekauff family
Middlekauff, Jacob
Middlekauff, John
Middlekauff, John Jacob
Middlekauff, Joseph
Middlekauff-Poffenberger Farm
Mill Settlement Patterns Along the
  Antietam Creek
Mill Street, Clear Spring
Miller Asparagus Farm
Miller, Daisy Cost
  Miller, David
Miller, Dr. Victor
Miller, Dr. Victor Davis
Miller, Edna
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Helen
Miller, Henry
Miller House
Miller, Howard
Miller, John
Miller, L. Tender
Miller, Margaret
Miller Meeting House
Miller, Melchor
Miller, Michael
Miller, Victor
Miller, Virginia
Miller, William Preston
miller's house
Millers Quarry
Miller's Tavern
Mills Road
Mish, Mary Vernon
Mississippi River
Moller Company
Moller organ
Mont Alto, Pennsylvania
Montgomery, Becky
Montgomery, Carl
Montgomery County Historic District
Montgomery County, Maryland
Moravian Church of America
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works
Morgan, Bonnard
Morgan, Bonnard, Jr.
Morgan, Leah
Morgan, Leon
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs.
Morgan, Victorine Mumma
Morrison, Frederick W.
Moses (slave)
Moss, Katherine
Motz, Cindy
Motz family
Mount Aetna
Mount Aetna Road
Mount Carmel Church
Mount Hebron cemetery
Mount Pleasant
Mount Quirock
Mount Tammany
Moyer, Abraham
Moylan, Ann
Moylan, Judge Daniel
Mudcap's Meadow
Mulberry Street, Hagerstown
Mumma, Samuel
Municipal Building, Hancock
Munson, Senator Donald
Murphy, Ruth  Hankey
Murray, Jackson
Murray, John
Murray, Samuel
Murray, Sarah
Myers, Catharine
Myers, Charles Courtney
Myers, J. W. and Company
Myers, LeRoy
Myers, Leroy, Jr.
Myers, Margaret
Myers, Martin
Myers, Terry
Myersville, Maryland


Nancy's Contentment
National Archives
National Community Service
National Historic Landmark
National Negro Elks
National Park Service
National Pike
National Register Hagerstown Commercial Historic District
National Register Historic District
National Register of Historic Places
National Road
National turnpike
Neck Road
Ned (slave)
Neikirk, Eugenia Deaner
Neill, Alexander
Neill, Isabella
Neill, James
Neill, Judith
Nelson, John
Nesbitt, Jefferson
Nesbitt, Jonathan
Nesbitt, Nathaniel
Nesbitt, Nathaniel, Jr.
Nesbitt, Nathaniel, Sr.
Nesbitt, Otho
  Nesbitt, Peter
Nesbitt's Inheritance
New Hampshire
New Orleans, Louisiana
New York
New York Harbor
Newcomer, Anne
Newcomer, Benjamin
Newcomer, Benjamin F.
Newcomer, Benjamin Franklin
Newcomer, Bess
Newcomer, Bettie
Newcomer, Christian
Newcomer family
Newcomer, Frank S.
Newcomer, Henry
Newcomer, John
Newcomer, Joshua
Newcomer, Martin
Newcomer, May
Newcomer, Peter
Newcomer, Victor H.
Newcomer, W. A.
Newcomer, Wolfgang
Nicholas's Gap
Nichols, David
Nichols, George
Nicholson, Nigel
Nicholson's Gap
  Nicholson's Gap Road
Nicodemus, Charles
Nicodemus, Conrad
Nicodemus, Edgar
Nicodemus, Jacob
Nicodemus, John
Nicodemus, John Albert
Nicodemus, John Luther
Nicodemus, Margaret
Nicodemus Mill Complex
Nicodemus Mill Road
Nicodemus, Samuel
Nicodemus, Valentine
Nicodemus, Virginia
Niemyer, Rachel
Niemyer, William
Nixon, Richard
Nixon, Vice President
Norfolk, England
Norris, William
Norris's Seat
North (Fairview) Mountain
North American Cement Company
North Potomac Avenue, Hagerstown
North Potomac Street, Hagerstown
North Street, Hagerstown
North Tonawanda, New York
Nunamaker, John


Oak Hill
Oak Hill Avenue
Oak Springs Farm
Oakie, R. Brognard
O'Bryen, Lieutenant Colonel K. D.
O'Bryen, Mary
Odler, Joseph
Ogle, Governor Samuel
Old Forge Farm
Old Forge Mill
Old Forge Road
Old Homes of Washington County
Old Homes Restored
Old Stone Mill, The
Onderdonk, Reverend Henry
Opeckon Road
Orendorff, Herr
  Orndorff, Aaron
Orndorff, Christian
Orndorff, Darius
Orndorff, Margaret
Orondorff, Peggy
Orphan Asylum
Orphans Court
Orrs Gap
Oster, Conrad
Oster, John
Oswald, Anna
Oswald, Cheryl
Oswald, D.
Oswald, D. E.
Oswald, D. P.
Oswald, David
Oswald, David Huyette
  Oswald, David Paul
Oswald, E. I.
Oswald, Edward Ingram
Oswald, Elizabeth Ingram
Oswald, Huyette
Oswald, Huyette Beck
Oswald, Ingram
Oswald, Kay
Oswald Lane
Oswald, Michele
Oswald, Paul
Oswald, Sean
Otterbein, Reverend Phillip
Otterbein, William
Overbrook, The
overshot wheel


Packer, Dr.Lawrence
Packhorse Ford
Paine, Marie Louise
Palladian window
Palmer, Peter
Paradise Church Road
Paradise Homes Corporation
Paradise Manor
Paradise Manor Drive
Park Hall Road
Parker, Hugh
Parker, Merrick
Parker, Virginia
Patuxent River
Paulsgrove, Mr.
Payne, Gen.
Peace and Plenty
Penn family
Penn Iris stove
Pennsylvania Avenue, Hagerstown
Percheron horses
Perini, Luigi L.
Perini, Mr. and Mrs.
Perre, Ignatius
Perry, Commodore
Perry, Dr.
Perry, Dr. H. F.
Perry, Dr. Herman
Perry House
Perry, Jonathan
Perry, William
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pig Path Lane
Pike Hall
Pile's Delight
Pile's Grove
Pindell, Dr. Richard
Pine Swamp
Piper, Daniel
Piper, Elizabeth
Piper, Henry
Piper House
Piper, Mary Ellen
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pleasant Valley
Plunk, Christopher
Poffenberger, Catherine
Poffenberger, Edward
Poffenberger, Erma;
Poffenberger family
Poffenberger, Millard
Poffenberger, Samuel
Poffenberger, Violette
Pondsville, Maryland
Poole, Cedric
Poole, Lisa
Poplar Grove Road
Porter, Grandfather
Post, Emily Price
post office
Potato Hill
Potomac Avenue, Hagerstown
Potomac Company
Potomac Edison
Potomac Hotel
  Potomac Playmakers
Potomac River
Potomac Street, Hagerstown
Potomac Street, Williamsport
powder mill
Powell, Joseph
Powell, Linda
Powell, Megan
Powles, Jacob
Prather family
Prather, Louisa Mary
PreJean, Lisa
Preservation Design District Commission
President of the United States
Price, Jackie
Price, William
Price, Winnie
Price's Bridge
Price's Ford
Prickly Ash Bottom
Prince George's County, Maryland
Prince of Germany
Program Open Space
Prospect Street
Protzman, Francis
Provincial Court
Provisional Army
Pry Mill
Pry, Philip
Pry, Samuel
puncheon insulation
Putman, Diane
Putman, Kenny


Queen Ann County, Maryland
  Queen Anne style


Rachel, Devyn
Ragan, Dr. Richard
Ragged Schools
Raun, Sharon
Ravenswood Drive
Ravenwood Lutheran Village
Ray, Deborah
Ray, John
Ray, Rosita
Ready-Cut Company
Rearick, John
Rebel Army
Red Byrd Restaurant
Red Mill Farm
Redmond, Sarah E.
Reecher, Bill
Reecher, Pat
Reed and Associates, Inc.
  Paula Stoner)
Reed, Douglass
Reed, Emily Lawrence
Reed, Major Walter
Reed, Miss Blossom
Reed, Paula Stoner Dr.
Reeder, Amos
Reeder, Margie
Reichard and Schindel
Reichard, J. Rowland
Reichard, Otelia
Reichard Road
Reichard, Ruth O.
Reichard, W. S.
Reiff, John
Reimer, Steve
Reisterstown, Maryland
Remsburg Road
Rench, Andrew
Rench, Catharine
Rench, DeWitt Clinton
Rench family
Rench Road
Rench, Susan M.
Rese (slave)
Resurvey of End of Strife
Resurvey of Fellfoot Enlarged
Resurvey of Hidlebargh
Resurvey of Nancy's Contentment
Resurvey on Addition to Piles
Resurvey on Addition to Three

  Resurvey on Ash Swamp
Resurvey on Canoe Bottom
Resurvey on Chews Farm
Resurvey on Dry Spring
Resurvey on Flint's Chance
Resurvey on George's Mistake
Resurvey on Grim's Delight
Resurvey on Marsh Head
Resurvey on Meshack's Garden
Resurvey on Mountain of Wales
Resurvey on Nicholas Ridenour's
Resurvey on Old Fox Deceived
Resurvey on Plumb's Doubt
Resurvey on St. Patrick's Lot
Resurvey on the Adventure
Resurvey on Three Springs
Resurvey on Wallings Luck
Resurvey on Watersink
Resurvey on Webb's Discovery
Resurvey on Well Done
Resurvey on Well Taught
Revolutionary War
Reynolds, Dr. John
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Mariah
Reynolds, Mariah Sprigg
Reynolds, Mary Dovenberger
Rhodes, Lucretia
Rich Barrens
Rich Man's Row
Richard, J.
Richard, Valentine
Richards, Art
Richards, Connie
Richmond, Virginia
Ridenour, Charles
Ridenour, David
Ridenour, Eve
Ridenour, Nicholas
Riley, Kathleen
Rinehart, David
Rinehart, Elizabeth
Rinehart, Samuel
Rines, Lockwood C.
Ringgold family
Ringgold, General Samuel
Ringgold, Samuel
Ringgold, Thomas
Ripple, John
Ripple, Lewis
Rivera, Donal
Road, Clopper
  Robert (slave)
Robert Clagett Farm, The
Roberts, Clyde
Rochester, Nathaniel
Rochester, New York
Rockville, Maryland
Rocky Spring Farm
Roemer, Henry
Rohrer, Clarence
Rohrer House Farm
Rohrer, Jacob
Rohrer, John
Rohrer, Martin
Rohrer, Sophia E
Rohrer's Addition
Rohrer's Mill
Roman Catholic
Roof, Anna
Roof, David
Rose Hill
Rose of Sharon Haven
Rosenberg, Molly MacGill
Roseville pottery
Ross, George
Ross's Purchase
Rothenberger, Reverend Martin L.
Roulette Farm
Roulette, JeanLouis
Roulette, Margaret
Roulette, William
Round Top Hill
Rousby Hall
Rowland, Ann
Rowland, Ann Maria
Rowland, Daniel
Rowland, Elizabeth
Rowland, John S.
Rowland, Joseph
Roy, Mike
Royer, Theodore S.
Rubin, Charen
Ruffner's Mill
Rulett, William
Rumford fireplace
Rural Georgian
Rush Bottom
Ruth's Antiques
Rypkema, Donovan D.


Salem Avenue
Sally (slave)
Sam'l (slave)
Sarah (slave)
saw mill
Scared From Home
Schafer, John Henry
Scharf, Thomas
Schellenberg, Jack
Schindel, Benjamin
Schindel, Benjamin P.
Schindel, John R.
Schindel, Rohrer & Co.
Schley, Ann
Schley, William
Schlossburg, Roger
Schlotterbeck, William
Schnebley, Conrad
Schnebley, Dr. Henry
Schnebley, Eliza
Schnebley, Elizabeth
Schnebley, Henry
Schnebley, John
Schofield, Polly
Schooley, David
Schooley, Patricia
Schrader, Henry
Schroeder, Henry
Schroyer, Karen
Scott, Catherine M.
Scott, Norman B.
Scratch Ankle Farm
Search Well
Searight, Thomas
Sears Roebuck
Seasons at Seven Gates Farm
Secretary of the Interior
segmental arch
Seibert family
Seibert, Samuel
Senate of Maryland
Senate Select Committee
Settled in Time
Seven Gates Farm
Severance, Allison
Shafer, John Henry
Shafer's mill
Shaffer, John
Shank, Beth
Shank, Betty Lou
Shank, Henry
Shank, John
Shank, Kelly
Shank, Mary Beard
Shank, Otho J.
Shank, Raymond
Shank, Richard
Shank, Robert
Shank, Rodney (Cork)
Shank, William Frederick
Sharman's Run
Sharpe family
Sharpe, Horatio
Sharpsburg, Maryland
Sharpsburg Pike
Shaw, Jackie
Shaw, John
Shaw, Lynn
Shelby, Evan
Shelby, Evan, Jr.
Shelby, Isaac
Shelby's Misfortune
Shelbyville, Indiana
Shenandoah Valley
Shenk, Henry
Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Sherman, Raleigh
Shifler, Amos Harlan
Shifler, Mr.
Shippens Neglect
shirk, Charles E.
Shirk, Mildred M.
Showalter, Bill
Showman, David
Sibert, Wendel
Sideling Hill
Sign of the Swan, The
Silsby, Margaret
  Silsby, Oliver
Silver Storm Farm
Simmons, Isaac
Simon's Rest
Singer, Norman
Sixth Maryland Line
slave quarters
slave traders
Slayman, John
Slifer, Clarence
Slifer, Leon
Small, James A.
Smith, Anna
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Dr. Edgar T.
Smith, Dr.Otho
Smith, Dr.Otho J.
Smith Elliott Kerns & Company
Smith, Helen Jenette
Smith, Isaac
Smith, James
Smith, Jeannett Yates
Smith, M. Victor
Smith, Mary Ellen
Smith, Otho J.
Smith, R.
Smith, Robert
Smith, Sallie
Smith, Thomas
Smithsburg, Maryland
Smithsburg Road
Smithsburg-Leitersburg Road
Smoketown Road
Snider, Adam
Snider, Elizabeth
Snider, Martin
Snively, Adam
Snively, Elias
Snively, Hugh
Snouffer, Ray
Snyder, C. Harold
Snyder, Harold
Snyder, John T.
Social-Cultural Developments
  from the Civil War
soldier brick
Solliday Farm
Solmes, Henry
South Mountain
South Mountain Hotel
South, Thomas
Spanish Mission
Spanish mission
Spanish-American War
Specht, Sheri
Specht, Stephen
Speilman Road
Spessard, Howard
Spickler's post office
Spielman, Jonas
Spielman Mill
Spielman Road
Sprigg family
Sprigg, General Thomas
Sprigg, James
Sprigg, Joseph
Sprigg, Thomas
Sprigg's Paradise
Spring Hill
Spring Meadow Farm
Spring Valley
Springfield Farm
Springfield Lane
Springfield, Ohio
Sprinkle, Paulette
Spur Road Cottage
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
St. Ann Parish
St. James
St. James College
St. James School
St. John's Episcopal Church
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
St. Mary's County, Maryland
St. Mary's School
St. Michael's Church
St. Paul's Church
St. Paul's Church Road
  St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal
St. Peter's Catholic Church
St. Peter's Church
St. Peter's German Evangelical
  Lutheran Church
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Stafford Hall
Stafford Hall Spring Water
Staffordshire pottery
stagecoach stop
Stahl, Doug
Stahl, Jennifer
stair tower
Stake, William
Staley, Robert
Standard Company
Stansbury, Tobias
State Fire Marshall
Statton, Philo A.
Staunton, Virginia
Stavish, Donna
Stavish, Ed
Stayer, James
Stayer, Linda
Steinmetz, Solomon
Stephey, Michael
Sterling Homes
Stevig, Christian
Stewart, Serina
Stillhouse, The
Stine, George
Stine, George O.
Stine, Judy
Stine, Lee
Stine, Pat
Stinson, Merry
Stone, Barton W.
Stone Hill
stone mason
Stonebraker, Gerard
Stonebraker, Jacob R.
Stonebraker, John
Stonebreaker, George
Stoner, Fannie C.
Stones and Timber
Store House Land
Storey, Associate Justice George
Stouffer, Abraham
Stouffer, Adaline
Stouffer, Jacob
Stover, Frederick
Stover, James Mitchell
Stover's Manse
Strauch, Dr. Robert
Strauch, Mary Helen
Streight (Stright), Elizabeth
Stuart, J. E. B.
Stull, John
Sui, Michael
Sullivan, Gregory
Sullivan, Vicki
summer beam
summer kitchen
Summers, Emory
Summit Avenue, Hagerstown
Summit Hall
Sunken Road
Sunshine Hill
Surrey School
Surveyors Last Shift
Susquehanna River
Swailes, Louisa
Swearingen, Benoni
Swearingen, Henry Thomas
Swearingen, Hester
Swearingen, Sarah
Swearingen, Thomas Van
Swingle, George
Swinston-Rivera, Margaret
Swiss Mennonite
Swisser (Swiss) barn
Swope, Mary
Syester, Catherine
Syester, Judge A. K.
Symons, Jacob Wesley


Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Tammany Lane
Tamny's Mount
Taylor, Amy
Taylor, James
Taylor, Major Ignatius
Taylor's Landing Road
Teahan, Midge
Teisher, Cora A.
Tennessee Walking horses
Terre Haute, Indiana
The Terrace
thimble (fireplace)
Thomas, David
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Jean
Thomas, Mark
  Thomas, Mary E
Thomas, William
Thomas's Forest
Thomson, J.
Three Springs
Tidewater architecture
Tidewater construction
Tiffany, Louis Comfort
Tilghman, Anna Marie Ringgold
Tilghman, Colonel Frisby
Tilghman, George
Tilghman, Margaret
Tilghman, Thomas E.
Tilghmanton, Maryland
Tonoloway Orchard Company
Tonoloway Orchards
Tonoloway Settlement
Torchlight and Public Advertiser
  Towson, Arthur L.
Towson, Jacob Towley
Towson, Julia
Towson, Lee
Towson, Maryland
Towson, Naomi
Tri-State Elks Lodge
Trinity Reformed United Church
  of Christ
Trovinger, Joseph
Trovinger, Mark
Trovinger Mill
Trovinger Mill Road
True Establishment
Truman, President
Tudor Gothic
Turners Gap
Tyson, Benjamin


Unger, Max
Unitarian Universalist Church
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
United Brethren Church
United States Army
  United States Department of the
United States Military Academy
United States Steel Corporation
  University of Maryland
University of Pennsylvania
Upper Antietam Hundred
Upstairs Emporium


Valley Forge
Valley Road
Value of Historic Preservation in
  Maryland, The
Van Lear, John
Van Lear, Joseph
  Van Lear, Mary
Van Lear, Matthew
Van Lear, Sophia
Van Ness, James S.
Vance, Suzie
  Varle, Charles
Viceroy of India
Vineyard, The
Virginia Avenue


Wagner, James
Wagner, Jim
Wagner, Lisa
Wagoner, John
Wall Street Journal
Walling, James
Walsh, Richard
Wandling, Allen
Wandling, Mary J.
War of 1812
Ward, Dr.
Warrenfeltz, Dennis
Washington County Committee
  of Observation
Washington County Free Library
Washington County Historic Site
Washington County Historical
Washington County Historical Trust
Washington County Hospital
Washington County Orphans' Court
Washington, D.C.
Washington, George
Washington Marble Quarry
Washington, Martha
Washington Post
Washington Spy
Washington Star
Washington Street, Hagerstown
Wastler, T. A.
Water Resources Administration
water table
Watson, Lewis
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Weimer, Reverend Jacob
Weisel, Samuel
Weisner's Manufacturing Company
Weissner, Joseph C.
Weissner, Mary V.
Well Taught
Welles, C. M.
Welty, J.
Welty, John
Werth, Elizabeth Gaines
Wesley, Charles
West Point
Western Hotel
  Western Maryland Railroad
Western Maryland Room
Westminster, Maryland
Wetterer, Jan
Wetzel, Catharine
Wheeling, West Virginia
Wheelock, Elizabeth
Wheelock, George
Whiskey Alley
White Hall Farm
White Hall Road
White, Margaret
White, Mary Williams
White Oak Forrest
White, Peter
White, Sara
White, William
Whitehall Road
Whitmer, Anna
Whitmer, Peter
Whitmer, Veronica
Widmyer House
Widmyer, Thomas
Widow's Mite
Wiles, David
Wiles, John
Wilkes, Cheryl
Willard, Ray
William IV
Williams, Edward Greene
Williams, Elie
Williams, Elisha
Williams, Elizabeth Thomas
Williams, General Otho Holland
Williams, Jeremiah
Williams, Major Thomas Owen
Williams, Maria Sophia
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary Emma
Williams, Mercy
Williams, Otho
Williams, Otho Holland
Williams, Reverend William
Williams, Ruhemah
Williams, T. J. C.
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas Owen
Williams Town
Williams, William Berry
Williamsburg, Virginia
Williamsport, Maryland
  Williamsport Basin
Williamsport High School
Williamsport-Boonsboro Road
Willis, Robert
Willis, Rosa Lee
Willow Grove Creamery
Willows, The
Wilms, Frederick B.
Wilson Bridge & Wilson Store
Wilson, John
Wilson, Rufus Hillary
Wilson Ruritan
Winchester, Virginia
Winders, Jacob
Winders, John
Window Boxes Indoors and Out
Wingrove Manor
Wink, David
Witmer, Peter A.
Woburn Manor
Wolf, Daniel
Wolf, David
Wolf, Henry C.
Wolf, Jacob
Wolf, John, Jr.
Wolf, John, Sr.
Wolf, Joseph M.
Wolf, Louisa J.
Wolf, Maud
Wolf, Peter
Wolf Road
Wolfe, H. Joseph, Sr.
Wolfe, Joseph
Wolfersburger, John
Wolford farm
Wolgamore, John
Wolgamore's Mill
Wolgamott, Samuel
Women's Club
Wooburn Commons
Woodmont Rod and Gun Club
Woodstock, Virginia
World War I
World War II
Wroe, Dr. John A.
Wroe, Martha
Wroe, Samuel
Wyand, Simon


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Yessler, H. E.
York Imperial apples
York, Pennsylvania
York Turnpike
Yosemite Park
  Young, C. D.
Young, William
Younker, Larry
Younker, Pat
Yourtee, Abraham
  Yourtee, Dr. John Tilghman
Yourtee family
Yourtee, Leon
Yourtee, Leon Ryno


Zeigler, Rose Ann
Zentmyer, Principal
Ziegler, Barbara
Ziegler family
Ziegler, Frederick K.
  Zion Zion Evangelical and Reformed   Church
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
Zuber wallpaper
Zuck, Elenorah
  Zuck, Jacob
Zuck, Michael
Zullinger, Pennsylvania
Zurich, Switzerland

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